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Stepping Logs


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Create your own Timber trail or go to our “Complete Timber Trail Section” for a pre designed fun trail!

Our individual Timber Trail items are a great way to fill a small space on a low budget

Technical Data :  

Available in two width sizings:   200mm SP-132-030  or 150mm  SP-132-031

Height :   400mm

Length:    400mm

Free Fall Height: 400mm -  No safety surface required as critical fall height is less than 600mm.

Also available with Steel Feet (Additional charges apply)

Suggest allowing an appropriate free space around the item in compliance with BS EN1176. 


This course covers all aspects of carrying out visual and operational playground inspections and the methodology behind it.

  • Both a classroom and onsite tuition, the practical element will be carried out in a local play area.
  • There is an option for the candidates to sit an RPII registration exam.  The successful candidate will be registered with the RPII for 3 years and will be given a certificate of registration.