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Here at GB Sport & Leisure, we can help with all of your play and sports requirements. From product supply to installation, bespoke equipment manufacturing and even training, we have it covered. Our friendly team are always happy to help.

RPII Routine & Operational Inspector Training Courses

Our training programmes enable delegates to carry out either Routine Visual or Operational level playground inspections safely, in accordance with the European Standards and to take appropriate follow-up actions.

We assess individual playground inspectors to the national RPII standards and register their competence with the Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII).

We also offer Operational level refreshment training courses prior to a person's registration expiry date.

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If you have more than one candidate and want us to come to you? No Problem!

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Demonstration Training

We provide in-depth, tailored training with practical demonstrations that can be carried out at a site of your choice.

The training courses we have available are:

Wet Pour Safety Surfacing Repair

Gate Maintenance

Playground Equipment Maintenance

We are the only approved IAE Prosafe Engineers Training Centre in the UK. Our course instructor is also an RPII Inspection Trainer.

Candidates have an opportunity to get hands-on practical experience training with a certificate of completion, at the end of the course.

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Annual, Operational and Post Installation Inspections

Our Inspections cover the following facility types: Playgrounds, Multi-Use Games Areas, Outdoor Fitness Areas, Skate Parks, Parkour Areas and Ancillary Items.

An Operational Inspection is a detailed inspection to check the operation and stability of the equipment, especially for any wear. This inspection should be every 1 to 3 months, or as indicated by the manufacturer’s instructions.

Examples of operational inspection points are cleanliness, equipment ground clearances, ground surface finishes, exposed foundations, sharp edges, missing parts, excessive wear (of moving parts) and structural integrity.

An Annual inspection involves a more detailed check and covers a wide range of outdoor play safety issues. This inspection looks at vandalism, minor and major wear, long-term structural problems, changes in Standards compliance, design practices, risk assessments etc. Annual playground inspections should be carried out by a specialist who has no affiliation with the playground operator or manager, ensuring that the subsequent written report is entirely independent.

A Post Installation Inspection is carried out by an annual inspector and is an independent assessment of newly installed equipment, to check whether it meets the required safety standards.

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Rope Replacement Service

Purchasing replacement play equipment ropes, from the original manufacturer, can be pricey. That’s why we offer a “Collect & Replace” service enabling you to get a replication of the rope unit you require, at a fraction of the cost.

Simply send us some images and dimensions of the existing rope/net you would like replacing and we will send you a quotation, it's that easy.

Should you choose to place your order, we will arrange for the collection of your old rope net and use it as a template to manufacture a “like for like” product.

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Installation Services

As well as being able to supply a vast range of play and sports equipment, fencing, gates, safety surfacing and multi-use games areas etc. we can also provide you with a quotation to install these for you.

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Bespoke Equipment

We have years of experience in building bespoke playgrounds for a variety of customers including: Councils, Schools, Housing Developers and Individuals. We are well recognised as the top provider of bespoke playground construction, design and consultation, to produce the most exciting playground designs.

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