Safety Tiles

Safety Tiles 1m x 1m


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Various Thicknesses available.


C.F.H H.I.C = Head Injury Criterion PR EN 1177 European Standard.


All Playtiles are moulded to a + 1mm thickness tolerance.


Available in Blue / Green / Terracotta Red

  • 25mm thick     23.5kgs     HIC 0.8  
  • 30mm thick     27kgs        HIC 0.9
  • 35mm thick     28kgs        HIC 1.1
  • 40mm thick     29kgs        HIC 1.3
  • 45mm thick     32kgs        HIC 1.4
  • 50mm thick     34kgs        HIC 1.8
  • 55mm thick     34kgs        HIC 2.0
  • 60mm thick     37kgs        HIC 2.2
  • 70mm thick     38kgs        HIC 2.6
  • 75mm thick     40kgs        HIC 2.8
  • 80mm thick     40kgs        HIC 2.7
  • 90mm thick     42kgs        HIC 2.8
  • 105mm thick   53kgs        HIC 3.2

This course covers all aspects of carrying out visual and operational playground inspections and the methodology behind it.

  • Both a classroom and onsite tuition, the practical element will be carried out in a local play area.
  • There is an option for the candidates to sit an RPII registration exam.  The successful candidate will be registered with the RPII for 3 years and will be given a certificate of registration.