Playlock Washers
Playlock Washers
Playlock Washers
Playlock Washers

Playlock Washers


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Anti Vibration Washers – Available in: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

GB Sport & Leisure, the play industry’s leading

innovator in product and maintenance solutions

is pleased to introduce our new

Playlok secure fitting system.                                                 

Playlok provides a unique chemical free fixing

method for connecting nuts & bolts so that what

you tighten up, stays tightened up!  No glues or solvents, so no mess!

Easy to use With Playlok you simply place the fittings on to a bolt you wish to tighten, then secure the fixing in the normal way.  Playlok’s patented cam lock system ensures that the fixings do not wear loose, even in harsh conditions where movement, vibration & torsional stresses can often cause even nyloc fittings to work loose!

Time & money saving Consider how much time, money and effort is spent annually by your organisation in repeatedly re-tightening fixings on all types of equipment?  With Playlok fitted to items in your play areas, you can free your time to concentrate on other priorities.  Playlok can continue to save you money too! Unlike nyloc fittings which should be replaced every time they are removed, Playlok can be re-used up to 5 times, before being replaced!

This course covers all aspects of carrying out visual and operational playground inspections and the methodology behind it.

  • Both a classroom and onsite tuition, the practical element will be carried out in a local play area.
  • There is an option for the candidates to sit an RPII registration exam.  The successful candidate will be registered with the RPII for 3 years and will be given a certificate of registration.