Outdoor Gym - Orbitrek
Outdoor Gym - Orbitrek
Outdoor Gym - Orbitrek
Outdoor Gym - Orbitrek

Outdoor Gym - Orbitrek


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The Orbitrek is popular outdoor gym equipment for improving stamina. It works with the whole body, involves both the arms and the legs. This device focus on developing muscles of the legs, hips, lower back and abdomen as well as improves the endurance of the body and coordination of movement.
To do exercise place your feet on the steps, hold the handles using both arms. Then simply start to simultaneously press on the steps as if you were pedalling and move hands alternately.  Keep your back in an upright position during the course of the exercise. Technical details

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1,27 x 0,61 x 1,70 m
  • Safety zone: 4,27 x 3,61 m
  • The number of anchors: 1
  • Compatibility with norm EN 16630 confirmed by the certificate
  • Can be painted in any colour from the RAL palette


  • Construction is made of powder painted steel and protected against corrosion.
  • Steps are made of aluminium.
  • Handles are made of pipe ended with rounded decorative elements and are profiled to ensure ergonomics and user safety.
  • Construction is welded and has no plastic ends except for bearing connections where it is possible to maintain/repair.
  • The device is mounted on a supporting pole, which is attached to the ground by a flange.
  • The flange is screwed with M16 screws into an anchor fixed in the concrete. Anchoring nuts are secured against unscrewing.

Differences in dimensions no more than +/- 5% are acceptable.

The presented drawing is for illustrative purposes. The actual product may be slightly different.

This course covers all aspects of carrying out visual and operational playground inspections and the methodology behind it.

  • Both a classroom and onsite tuition, the practical element will be carried out in a local play area.
  • There is an option for the candidates to sit an RPII registration exam.  The successful candidate will be registered with the RPII for 3 years and will be given a certificate of registration.