Anti Stick Tool Cleaner - 2kg

Anti Stick Tool Cleaner - 2kg


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Anti-Stick Tool Cleaner is a special wax designed to prevent adhesives from sticking to the glue box and other tools.

Simply apply to the tools you want to protect from cured adhesive and leave to dry.

When the adhesive is cured, peel off the dry adhesive.

Apart from saving a lot of time cleaning, Anti Stick Tool Cleaner will significantly improve the lifetime of your tools.

This course covers all aspects of carrying out visual and operational playground inspections and the methodology behind it.

  • Both a classroom and onsite tuition, the practical element will be carried out in a local play area.
  • There is an option for the candidates to sit an RPII registration exam.  The successful candidate will be registered with the RPII for 3 years and will be given a certificate of registration.